Visser x Ophtalmo

Since 2022, the joint venture Visser + Ophtalmo has been active in the Belgian market as a result of the mutual growth ambitions of Ophtalmo Service and the Dutch company Visser Contactlenzen. The year 2024 represents growth, in which we aim to expand our footprint beyond Leuven and Ghent.

Visser + Ophtalmo wants to offer the best solution to the growing, sometimes still latent, group of people who could see better and more comfortable. We aspire to be the world's leading partner in the safe and comfortable wearing of contact lenses. We are the specialist when it comes to the perfect fitting of (medical) contact lenses, even for complex eye conditions. Passion is central to everything we do. Passion for our patients, for quality, for the profession and for Visser + Ophtalmo.

Visser + Ophtalmo
The best solution, the best care.

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Visser x Ophtalmo

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