Lemi Medical chair

Lemi Med multi-function examination chair/table is ideal for diagnostic examinations and  surgical interventions.
Lemi Med comes complete with 4 electric actuators which allow the practitioner to select the most suitable working height and position, thereby providing for maximum patient accessibility.

All chairs are all with open configuration . You can choose between different types of matras , head rest , etc ... . 

■ Ample configuration modularity
■ 4 electric motors for height, backrest, leg rest and trendelenburg position adjustments
■ Pedal or hand set controls
■ Automatic reset function
■ Entirely enclosed ABS casing
■ The standard version comes equipped with an anatomic mattress, an adjustable and extractable zak headrest, 2 pairs of guides and a convenient roll-holder
■ Wide selection of class 1IM fire-resistant upholstering

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